Monday, October 26, 2009

Class Links Post

In addition to my blog, there are other blogs that you should visit.

This is a blog on the environment, and the main focus here is on climate change. The blogger investigates various alternatives of energy such as solar and wind as well as their pros and cons, which shows that this is an unbiased blogger because information is supported by evidence. The Earth is our only home planet, and we must protect it by being eco-friendly. Harming the environment does no good because if you are damaging the environment, then you are equally damaging your life. Where you live and what you breathe matter.

In addition to alternative energy sources, other ways of improving the environment are mentioned such as composting. Those who do not know what composting is can visit this blog because the blogger provides adequate information.

Going green and being eco-friendly does not have to be expensive, as proved by the blogger. Each small step develops and grows towards larger ones. With this, the change is gradual and beneficial. So if you want to know more about climate change and the environment, then visit this blog!

Drinking Age
Interested in the drinking age? Well, consider this blog. There has been a debate going on about the drinking age in the United States. It is currently 21, while in other countries it is 18. The legal drinking age was once 18 in the United States, but it was increased. Now, people are trying to push to lower the age once again. This blog is worth visiting because it examines an issue relevant to all college students, no matter if you are a freshman or senior. A freshman can get in trouble if drinking illegally, and a senior can be caught if providing alcohol to minors. Either way, the decision is difficult.

There are two sides to this argument: lower the drinking age or keep it the same. The proponents of lowering the age argue that since 18 year olds can fight in wars, vote and do jury duty, they should be able to drink. On the other hand, the supporters of keeping the age the same argue that lowering the age would cause more alcohol-related accidents. This blogger fights for the lowering of the drinking age because then teenagers would not be so excited to try something new and break the law. Drinking would be considered as a social activity, not one that is “just for fun.”

Legalization of Marijuana
This blog investigates the legalization of drugs and more specifically, marijuana. Ever since the beginning of the debate, Nixon declared a “war on drugs,” making this sound like a negative aspect of life. However, drugs not only do harm, but also good. Marijuana provides medicinal qualities when used appropriately. The blogger makes a good point by saying that alcohol and tobacco are legal and also pose health risks, so why not legalize marijuana?

The blogger describes the history of marijuana and how it became so controversial. Analysis of historical aspects shows that the “drug-as-vice” perspective has roots from centuries ago. If the drug were to be legalized, then people would not be so inclined to smuggle. Similar to the drinking age issue, breaking the law is bad, yet people still do it anyway. After several instances of breaking laws, the “bad=cool” connection is made; cool people break laws. Overall, arguments are very well-structured and develop a central theme: marijuana legalization.

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