Saturday, October 24, 2009

Theory Post

The concept of the “developmental systems theory” can bring an end to most of the debate. This theory states that "genes are not static; they are dynamic. Genes interact with the environment to form traits." Abilities form together along with "development, community and context." Genes matter and are important, but results require genetic expression in combination with the environment. In this theory, it is nature via nurture that determines and influences the behavior of human beings.

In addition, the nature vs. nurture debate has been largely claimed as obsolete by researchers because both genetics and environment play a huge role in development, and they often overlap. Essentially, what this is saying is that there is no “debate,” just research trying to figure out how much nature and nurture play a role in developing personality.

Although there is no “debate” about both playing a role, there are some hot topics to consider such as obesity and homosexuality (both of which were covered in previous posts).

Overall, there is still research going on. Due to the expanding knowledge, who knows when the research will be deemed “sufficient” or “finished?” Nothing in the field of science seems to be “complete” because there is always that extra step, that extra information waiting to be found.

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