Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cartoon - Homosexuality

Just a little cartoon to depict the controversial topic of homosexuality. In this cartoon, the person claims that he was born this way.

What made me laugh (although I am aware that this is a serious topic) somewhat was the second part of the cartoon. A rainbow of colors spreads out when the mother delivers her baby. This is just exaggerating the assertion that homosexuality is genetic.

(If you have difficulty seeing the image, then click here)


  1. I agree that this is hilarious, but also an interesting debate. I do not think there is a "gay gene," but I wonder why do some people prefer men and some women? Why are we attracted to the people we are attracted to?

  2. This has always been a very controversial debate. People need answers; they just can't accept the fact that someone is homosexual. Although there may not be a "gay gene," genetics does have some influence in the matter. I did a post a while back with a video explaining homosexuality.

    Homosexuality is present when you are a child, although you may not realize it until later. I don't think that someone can choose to be homosexual. They must have that feeling and attraction to the same sex.

  3. homos choose to be homos!!!!!!!!!!