Thursday, November 5, 2009

Self-Analysis Post (UPDATE)

Here is an ADDITION to my previous "Self-Analysis Post" that was posted earlier:

My development of knowledge has expanded over the past month while creating this blog. In the first couple of posts, I introduced nature vs. nurture. Although I already knew what this concept was, I still learned from writing about it. For example, in my nature post, I did not know that the presence of certain genes cause an individual to have diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Before, I thought that everyone will eventually get Alzheimer’s because of old age. However, this can be reversed by the environment’s effects. Reading and doing puzzles frequently can reverse the predisposition to memory loss.

In a debate with two opposing sides, it is important for bias not to be present. In my blog, I introduced both sides and developed an argument based on evidence, not general assumptions. Facts that are relevant to my topic are introduced to support my claims. For example, in my “Evidence Supporting Nurture” post, I examined the effects of supportive parenting on substance abuse. I described how even though a child is predisposed to substance abuse due to a gene, parents can help reverse that by simply being supportive parents.

I also explored various topics such as my own traits, love, fear, homosexuality and blank slate, some of which were suggested by classmates who were curious about the topic. While researching some of these topics, I found further evidence for nurture. For instance, in my “Love” post I state that the foods children eat at a young age and at adulthood are different. You may have hated salad as a child but love it now.

Although I have investigated several topics, I have not covered EVERYTHING because there are numerous possible issues. Humans have a handful of traits (humor, shyness, sensitivity, ambition, outgoing, etc.), and it would be never-ending, or so it may seem, to examine each and every one of these human characteristics. The category of “human personality traits” is too broad to explore in detail. The topics that I have covered are either controversial or just interesting to explore.

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